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Bin Laden’s bodyguards were fed up, documents show

Posted on: April 30th, 2016 by admin
In the last months of his life, an isolated Osama bin Laden was in a serious dispute with the two brothers who had been pretty much his only connection to the outside world for the previous eight years.

Run on a Ticket With Donald Trump? No, Thanks, Many Republicans Say

Posted on: April 30th, 2016 by admin
A remarkable range of leading Republicans have been emphatic publicly or privately that they do not want to be considered as Donald J. Trump’s running mate.

One Top Taxpayer Moved, and New Jersey Shuddered

Posted on: April 30th, 2016 by admin
The hedge fund manager David Tepper’s relocation to Florida is a case study in how tax collection changes when income becomes concentrated in the hands of a few.

Pentagon Details Chain of Errors in Strike on Afghan Hospital

Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin
A report more than 3,000 pages long describes the errors that led to the 2015 strike in Kunduz that killed 42 people. Sixteen American officers have been punished.

USS Stennis denied entry to Hong Kong port

Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin
A U.S. aircraft carrier has been denied entry into a Hong Kong port, according to Pentagon spokesman Cmdr. Bill Urban.

2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™ – Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Available on May 2

Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin
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WASHINGTON – The United States Mint will open sales for the 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin SetTM – Cumberland Gap National Historical Park (product code 16AE) on May 2 at noon Eastern Time (ET). 

$458 billion in taxes go unpaid every year

Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by admin
The IRS has updated its estimate of the ‘tax gap’ — taxes that are owed but go unpaid.

Obama-Netanyahu Rift Impedes U.S. Offer of Record Aid Deal for Israel

Posted on: April 28th, 2016 by admin
President Obama has proposed the largest package of military aid ever provided by the United States, but Israel has insisted on more generous terms.

As North Korea flexes its muscle, what can U.S. do?

Posted on: April 28th, 2016 by admin
North Korea’s attempted missile tests Thursday are just the latest in a string of muscle-flexing and trash-talking provocations out of Pyongyang.

Dry times

Posted on: April 28th, 2016 by admin

HIS village may be parched, but Balachandra Ambaji Payar’s banana trees are a vivid green. In the shade cast by their fronds, a few chilli plants add more colour-and income-to a region left blanched by two consecutive years of disappointing rain. Mr Payar is an advertisement for “drought-proofing”: a simple irrigation system installed last year brings water onto his land in western India from a nearby well, to be drip-fed to his crops through a perforated hose. It is just the sort of investment that rural India needs to escape problems far greater than the weather.

Some 850m Indians live in rural areas, and nearly 60% of them depend on farming for survival. For many, it is not much of a living. India has more people living in poverty than any other country-260m by the World Bank’s count-and 80% of them live in the countryside.

Farmers are poorer than urban folk the world over, but the difference in India is stark: the median annual wage for a farmer, at 19,250 rupees ($290) including the implied value of the food they consume, is barely two months’ minimum wage in Mumbai. Data from 2008 show the rural-urban wage gap at 45%,…Continue reading

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